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4 - 3 - 2 - 5 

Yo can you help with the mom questions


i want more.

My wishes <3

From the obvious:

-Don't ask every time enter the game "18+".

-Do the location of moving around the house to a high texture.

-Do the phone navigation buttons, cause I have them red and white square. (maybe a visual bug)

-Also about the phone, make its menu design more realistic, not just buttons with text. 


-Bug with the language, with English "?" still in Russian.

-Bug with the language, the location, the name of the location and the day will be in English, although the language of Russian.

(Also, I got stuck on the mom's test, I can't find the location of the lectures. I also can't find the folder with the saves - I want to delete save version 2.1)

That's all.

Good luck making the game <3


"Becoming a femboy (working title for now)"

I suggest try to use name "Be a Good Boy"

I like where it is going. I don't like (as with most of these games) going around in circles just to find out that I have done everything that is possible (or not). The question mark needs work and/or coding of sorts. Good luck with the progress of the game maybe in a year things will be completed so I am not just clicking around in circles with no direction.

hey, if you able to describe the problems with question mark button - it's welcome!


i want more.



I finished my mom's test and jerked off to her if there is still content or while everything is dev_muffin, could you please respond to my comment.

Hello! Be sure to click "?" button to check it!
If there is no more sequences - probably there is no more scenes. I'm sorry for lack of content.

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hello I think I did everything that I am able to do in the current update so Just to be sure is the shop and one other house not accessible as of right now? or did I miss something also could u make quests easier to discover cuz it is lowkey hard or it could be just me

there is not much content actually for now, so probably you done everything. shop is not available, you're right. like an other houses probably. they are just for future there


Really sexy game. I'm really looking forward to seeing more. The art is great too. The only thing I think would make it sexier is if the NPCs were a bit more... pitiless... to the protagonist. I suspect you have that planned for future updates though. Keep up the great work!

I'm stuck at the handjob, I don't know to progress


Just wanted to say thank you for this game. Appreciate the hard work and recognize the talent in your art.

dev_muffin could you pleas respon to my comment i like the game and i really want to continue playing it


Sorry for not responding!
You always can press the "?" button and see if there is all quests done!

i finished the mom quiz and jerked her off are there any more content or this is it for the time being

hi i'm trying to do yoga and it keeps coming up you need to be in your yoga outfit but i am in the yoga pants and bra and i don't have any other clothes that are for yoga

hm, probably youre without socks or panties? 

I'm not sure about the correct one decision for now :s 


i was wearing socks and panties and then i tried no sock and panties, no panties and sock and no socks or panties and it still didn't work


i like it


It's one of the best games I've played. I followed <3


I will buy this as soon as there is more content, excellent game, the potential is incredible. 


am trapped at the quiz that mom gives us, can somebody helps me becuase im stuck at an loop after already got to the class given by the nurse

answers is 4-3-2-5

There's no option 5 for the quiz so I'm just stuck

5th variant should appear after the lection is visited.

bro, I cnt find the location of the lection
can u help me :3 ?


I like your game. Especially love the art style.


I've alredy suscribed on boosty looking forward to future updates. I understand that it's a pain to set up multiple services but could you set up a subscribestar as well? I don't know how many people would want it but it is a more mainstream alternative to Patreon, and some people (like myself) outright refuse to give Patreon money. you might get a few more people that way

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Well, interesting. It's kind of.. your principled position about a platform? I'm just not in the context of the Patreon situation.
Just for now I think it's too much of platforms :p
Maybe later, in future.
I think boosty may be good alternative of patreon for now


Please make a patreon page its more easy for us to support you there.
for now it's empty, but I will write there devlog in the future, like on boosty! Thanks a lot!


This game has a lot of potential!! when is the next update?

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This game has high potential ...outstanding work. Art is good as well, interesting kinks. I truly hope you continue this cool project. Hope supporters can suggest more fetishes ...keep up the good work bud  


Really enjoyed what you have so far. The hooks you set up pulled me in and left me wanting to know and see more! Can't wait for future updates!

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How is development going? any updates?

I'll post devlog soon.
Project is not abandoned :)


Man really enjoyed your demo, loved the character designs. Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the good work🔥


When can we expect the next update?

I can't promise anything about the release date, but working on it at the moment. 

Next update should be much bigger. 


I am gonna assume that you're not a native English speaker, as even your screen shots have grammatical errors in them.

Are you alone in making this game so far? As I think it would help to have someone who goes over all the text in the game.

"What's wrong with you? Did you saw a ghost?"
In English, this sentence sounds like she's insulting you, "saw" should be "see" as well. "Did you see a ghost?"

"What's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost?"
Much more natural English

Yes, you're right. My friends also not native speakers :( so, in some cases that wouldn't help. 

Thanks for reporting! Gonna fix it :) 


Do you plan in adding freedom of choice for transformations (if there's any) of the MC and other NPC's bodies? Like boobs, butt, penis.


There will be no transformations like plastic surgery while playing. 

But if you mean just skins/mods for characters - it's probably possible. 

I can say for sure, main hero will grow the hair and develop his body through excersises. 

Also have plans to change the clothes of heroes while progressing the game


Hey there, good luck!
Just wondering about your nomenclature.
Traps are feminine men/boys who identify as male, usually gay or bisexual. Do you mean that?
Or is this a transformation game where the MC becomes a trans woman?
Because these are two very different concepts.
Traps != trans.
Just asking to avoid confusion.

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Yes, traps is a feminine men/boys. I'll try to explain how it works in this universe (in my mind :D)

There is like 4 genders. You can easily identify the futanari or the woman by the obvious reasons, but to identify the trap - you should eximine yourself because it's not easy to distinguish the usual man and a trap, because all we growing different.

Think about it like.. the traps - it's naturally weaker version of a man with the feminine traits.

Actually traps there could be heterosexual, but probably it's something unusual.

No, there is no transformation in this game. I agree that traps !=trans


Thank you. :) I will be back!


The term is used loosely in games like this for that little bit of kink flavor and dirty talk as well.

Well, why not :)

Exactly! :P

Will there be a android?

Maybe later. I'll try to do it :)


use joiplay to use pc version on android